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We get it. Growing up as an expatriate can be tough. So Missional University supports third-culture students in several ways.

Third culture students are those who grew up in one or more countries outside of the country of their citizenship. Having been raised in a second country they create a third culture - a combination of their home country and the country or countries in which they grew up. These global nomads include students who grew up in missionary, diplomat, military and international business families.  Having traveled the world, they bring an intercultural adeptness that Missional Univesity celebrates.

Missional University supports third culture students in several ways. Through our intercultural focus and emphasis on contextual knowledge, every course and program explores cultural diversity.  Through online student organizations, third-culture students are encouraged in their cross-cultural transitions.

Join us online from wherever you are.  The application process for third-culture and missionary students is the same as for any other student.

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