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Missional University's Dual Enrollment Admission Guidelines

  • Students must meet and adhere to all MU’s guidelines
  • Students may only take one course per eight-week term
  • Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA while enrolled at MU


Admissions Process Checklist

  • Complete and submit the online application
  • Complete and submit your personal faith statement
  • Submit the $25 application fee
  • Submit your finalized essay
  • Submit any required transcripts and documentation
  • Have a personalized (online) discussion with one of our admissions counselors


Faith Statement Submission

  • Please write a brief testimony of your personal salvation experience and describe your personal relationship with God today. This statement should be 200-300 words in length. Be sure to include your name and birthdate on the document and submit it to


Essay Submission

  • Please write a 500-600 word essay response to the following question:
  • Missional University’s mission statement says, “To prepare biblically-grounded, missional leaders who join the mission of God in diverse communities by incarnating the gospel with culturally-appropriate ministry skills while seeking the spiritual transformation of people and communities that connect all peoples to God in worship in their own heart language.” Explain how earning a degree at Missional University would help you support this mission? Be sure to include your name and birthdate on the document and submit it to admissions@missional.University.
  •  Be sure to include your name and date of birth on any items that you email to


Completed applications are considered on a rolling basis for each 8-week academic term, listed below:

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