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Serve in the Mission of God, Not Your Debt

You have been called and sent by God to serve in the mission of God in the world, not to service debt. The Sponsorship Program at Missional University is designed to support students as they train for missional work in their communities and around the globe without adding educational debt.

The program provides training in micro-fundraising and biblical stewardship, as well as providing a 50% tuition Scholarship that is renewable each year. Combined with our affordable tuition rates, most students will be able to finish their degree with no educational debt accumulation.

You will participate in a specially-designed curriculum where you will gain practical missional leadership skills, receive training and experience in biblical principles of stewardship, and you will interact with your peers from around the world, and learn from their experiences as well.

The Sponsorship program will give you the skills you need to become a missional leader in your own vocational area of service in faith-based organizations, mission entities, Christian nonprofits and NGOs, schools, churches, and church groups.


Don't Study Online Alone, Have a Network Behind You

Through the training in missional leadership you receive in the Sponsorship Program, you will learn how to develop a team of prayer and financial supporters. Our prayer is that the sponsorship program will prepare you for a lifelong vocational pursuit in the mission of God, will provide you with a network of supporters, will equip you with friend and fundraising skills, and will free you from educational debt.