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Mission & Vision of Missional University

To prepare biblically-grounded, missional leaders who join the mission of God in diverse communities by incarnating the gospel with culturally-appropriate skills while seeking the spiritual transformation of people and communities that connect all peoples to God in worship in their own heart language.


Explore the Uniqueness of Missional University

We strive to deliver quality missional and ministry training designed within the framework of our core values. Each course and program incorporates these core values.  The uniqueness of the Missional University can be summarized in these six distinctions:


For Missional University, the scriptures are the foundation for both faith and practice.  This means that we don't just study the text to memorize basic Bible truths and learn systematic theology, instead we study the text to learn how it speaks to us within our cultural context and informs our ministry and missional practices.

We value a missional perspective of the Bible that provides the theological framework for missional and ministry practice in light of the cultural context of both the scripture and community cultural groups. Each course and program builds on the implications of a theology of mission.


Missional University is driven by the concept that Christian believers should become part of the missio dei -- the mission of God in this world.  We desire to join in with God where he is at work -- in our homes and communities -- so that we may see the spiritual transformation of people and communities.

We value a missiological understanding of the missio dei (the mission of God) that enables believers to discern where God is at work among peoples in the community and join in God's mission in the world. Each course and program identifies implications of the missio dei in relation to its missional and ministry practice.


Through various resources, students will be exposed to demographic, psychographic, and sociographic data for their local communities to enable them to develop missional approaches for their local contexts.

We value various forms of cultural research that inform both the student's understanding of the sociocultural contexts within their communities and their missional and ministry practice. Each course and program incorporates contextual information as foundational for the delivery of missionally-driven implementation.


Missional University celebrates the cultural diversity that exists in this world as a reflection of the creative nature of the image of God in humanity.   We desire that all peoples would have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  We desire that Christian believers learn how to express their faith in their own social context in culturally-appropriate ways.

We value embracing diverse cultures and fostering authentic, culturally-appropriate faith expressions among each cultural group. Each course and program embraces culturally-appropriate missional and ministry practice.


While the theory that underlies missional practice is important, the practical understanding of doing missional ministry is the central focus of the Missional University.  Missional ministry skill development enhances the student's usefulness in the missional ministries of the church in the community.

We value missional and ministry skill development that enhances the personal giftedness of each student and their unique missional and professional role in the community and congregation. Each course and program enhances the personal effectiveness of missional and ministry functions.


Integrated throughout all of the training at the Missional University is an experiential orientation with a heavy dose of "field practice" where concepts that are discussed in class are lived out in the real world.  Reflection, integration, and collaboration flow out of the relationships that are formed between students and faculty.  This experiential learning has the transformative power to equip students with ministry and missional skills.

We value theological and missional reflection conducted within a community of missional and ministry practice that informs and interprets those experiences. Each course and program interprets missional and ministry practice by reflecting biblically, theologically and missionally.