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Admissions Approval Process

Missional University is looking for biblically grounded applicants who embrace the concept of missional living in any discipline, anywhere in the world. MU is looking for students with the ability and desire to serve God’s mission through daily works. It is all about merging faith, life, and mission with your career.

Missional University uses a holistic approach when evaluating enrollment applications. This means admissions officers place emphasis on the applicant as a whole person. Admissions officers want to get to know students and they can do this thorough review of your application and transcripts, your completed essay and faith statement and through personal contact.


Admissions Conversation

The final step in completing your admissions packet is having a one on one with an admissions counselor. Once all of the materials are received for your packet, a member of our admissions team will reach out to you via email to arrange for a one on one ‘cyber’ conversation.


Application Evaluation

After this is completed, your entire admissions packet is ready for evaluation. At this point, our admissions committee will review your materials and render a decision. Admission decisions will be communicated via email and will include instructions about the next steps you will need to take.


Please contact your Admissions Specialist:

803-618-1328 ext 100

Additional Information:

After You Apply

Admissions Decisions

Transcript Submission