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Office of the Director

I am very pleased to welcome you to Missional University!

Missional University provides grassroots missional and theological training. We train Christian believers to serve as leaders in faith-based and community organizations at home and abroad. Most of our students will serve in various roles in missional endeavors and in serving people at the point of human need.

As you take your courses at MU, I encourage you to get to know the faculty members we have that are located around the world. Many of them are nationally and internationally known as experts in their fields of study. What that means to you is that your professors will be highly engaged in cutting-edge scholarly and creative accomplishments.

As you no doubt are aware, MU offers an enormous range of courses, from topics such as; Mission Studies, Bible Studies, Digital Arts, IT Management, Criminal Justice, Ministry Studies, Global Health, Sports Mission, and many, many more. I encourage you to look at the variety of courses and the 25 Dual Enrollment programs of study that we have. There is definitely something there for everybody. Most of the courses are ones that are not typically available in high school settings.

I would like you to take some time to explore the programs and certificates and pick out an area that is interesting to you. Why not try a program in Pre-Chaplaincy? How about taking a program like Pre-Geospatial Studies? Or, choose something that just makes you curious. Spend some time looking through the Pre-College Academies and decide on some general studies courses just because they sound fascinating to you. In the process, you might be surprised to discover new ideas and maybe even feel led to new career opportunities in mission fields that you have never considered before.

We welcome you to the Dual Enrollment Academy.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me.


Dr. Paula Watkins
Director, Dual Enrollment Academy

Phone:   803.618.1328  ext. 90
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