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Transfer Application Review

Missional University’s degree programs are unique and in many cases, one of a kind.  This requires extensive consideration and evaluation when reviewing potential transfer credits.  General education courses and electives are more likely to transfer than other courses. Evaluations may require course descriptions and course syllabi from previous institution(s), in order to determine transfer credit feasibility.   

While we acknowledge that your prior college work is often the best indicator of your future success at Missional University, we recognize that you also bring unique experiences as a transfer student that may be especially applicable in the MU community. Whether you have served in the military, taken time off, have worked full time, or are just looking for a new opportunity - we are most interested in the trajectory of your educational, vocational and spiritual journey.


What We Look For


Your previous college work and GPA

Transfer students with less than 45 transferable college credit hours may transfer into an Associate program or Two Plus Two Bachelor program. Transfer students with 45 or more transferable college credit hours may transfer directly into a Bachelor Completion Degree program. We will consider courses in progress as long as they will be completed 30 days before your starting academic term.

You should review our recommendations for competitive applicants for specific coursework and recommended GPA for your intended major. You must be eligible to return to each institution you have previously attended and if you attempted coursework through Missional University's Non-Degree Studies Program (NDS) you must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 or higher in order to be considered for admission.


Your high school coursework and test scores if less than 30 transferable credit hours

If you have less than 30 transferable college semester credit hours we may ask for your high school transcript and SAT or ACT test scores along with your college transcript. We then have the opportunity to see if your high school coursework, grades, and test scores are competitive for admission.


Your interest in the program you are applying for

Let us know which academic program you are interested in and why. We look for related courses and activities you have been involved in.


Your accomplishments/involvement outside the classroom

We are interested in what you invest your time in outside the classroom, whether that may be the arts, sports, volunteering or working. This is your chance to brag about the company/organization you founded, the research you have been conducting, the first place trophy your robotics team won or the fact that you work 40 hours a week and still maintain a strong academic record.


Your background and opportunities

The cultural, ethnic, linguistic, geographical, and socio-economic diversity of Missional University is already astounding. Tell us about what makes you unique and how you have already used your talents, skills, time and efforts serving in the mission of God in your family, neighborhood, and community. We look for ways our students can enhance our missional and intercultural focus.


Your individual story and missional calling

We want to hear from you about distinctive experiences, skills, or successes you may have had. If you have a unique circumstance that may have affected your academic performance for a period of time or in a specific class, we encourage you to share your story. We also want to hear about what God is doing in your life - and how you envision a missional education preparing you for service in the mission of God.


Please contact your Admissions Specialist:

803-618-1328 ext 100