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Missional Sponsorship Program FAQ's


Missional Sponsorship Program Answers

Q:How do I apply for the Sponsorship Scholarship?

Students who have been admitted to any degree program at Missional University may apply for the Sponsorship Program by completing the application forms.

Q:When are the application due dates for the Sponsorship Scholarship?

  • Two weeks prior to the Academic Term

All application materials, including letters of recommendation (if applicable), must be received by this time to be eligible. The forms required are:

  • The application, including written responses
  • A list of potential sponsors
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation
Q:Who are the Sponsors?

Sponsors are individuals you know that will become members of your "support team". They can be family, friends, and/or members of your faith community (church or home group). As part of the application, you will provide the names of approximately twenty individuals and the name of the faith community that will be willing to support you through prayer and financial support throughout your missional education.

Q:How much will I get in scholarship money?

Scholarship recipients will be awarded a 50%-tuition scholarship towards their annual tuition. Recipients must be approved for renewal.

Q:Am I able to combine the Sponsorship Scholarship with other scholarships?

You may not combine other MU scholarships with the Missional University Sponsorship Scholarship. However, accepted students may augment their Sponsorship Scholarship through personal loans and/or other non-institutional (non-MU) scholarships. For more information about these opportunities, contact our Financial Aid Office by sending an email to

Q:What are the admission criteria for this program?

Primary criteria for selection will be:

  • Demonstrated passion for service in the mission of God
  • Strong academic background
  • Strong sense of missional calling to a particular vocational focus
  • Proven leadership skills
  • All students who have been admitted to a degree program may apply


Q:What are the primary benefits that I will receive from this program?

Scholarship recipients will receive:

  • Learning principles of Biblical stewardship will provide a life-long foundation for the successful mission of the student's chosen vocation.
  • Practicing support nurturing and networking instills skills that will strengthen the student's missional career.
  • A 50% tuition that is renewable annually.
  • Practical crowdfunding and e-marketing skills
  • Participating in a unique peer-learning group dedicated to ongoing stewardship development
Q:How does the money given by my support team get to me?

All financial support garnered by Sponsorship scholars is placed into the Sponsorship Program Scholarship Fund. Rather than receiving direct support from donors, scholars are given a 50%-tuition scholarship for their participation in the Sponsorship Program. This enables donors to give on a tax-deductible basis, and Sponsorship recipients to receive aid in the form of an academic scholarship. Missional University reserves the right to administer these funds as appropriate and provides other institutional resources.

Q:What if my support team gives money in excess of the scholarship amount?

Our hope is that all program participants will seek to build support from their team beyond the minimum guidelines, as they seek to build and maintain enthusiastic missional networks. Regardless of how much money is given by supporters, program participants will receive a 50%-tuition scholarship towards tuition, in addition to the other value-added program elements that focus on personal development in the areas of calling, stewardship, and discipleship.

Q:Am I guaranteed to receive the scholarship for the duration of my study?

The Sponsorship Program is designed so that those participants that are selected will be able to participate for the duration of their academic program. All Sponsorship recipients will receive personal guidance and evaluation from the Sponsorship Program Director, which will include a semi-annual assessment for renewal. Those program recipients that have demonstrated sincere effort and success in the various elements of the program can expect to be approved for scholarship renewal. You must renew the scholarship each year in writing.

Q:Can I utilize the same three references as my MU application?

Yes, you can forward the Sponsorship Program letters of recommendation to the same three people as completed your MU recommendation. Please keep in mind you want to include people who can best describe your strengths for this scholarship.

Q:Will Missional University be contacting the people listed on my potential sponsor list?

No, this is for application purposes only. This exercise is meant for you to start thinking about who you would like to invite to participate in the Sponsorship Program with you.

Q:I am a current MU student - am I eligible to apply?

Yes, the Sponsorship Program is available to current MU students as well. The scholarship amount awarded for current students will be based on the scholarship amount offered during your first enrollment year.

Q:Can I apply for the next term's acceptance?

Yes, any student, both new and current, is welcome to apply for acceptance prior to any academic term.

Q:Is there a minimum number of courses that I must take in any given year?

No, you can take one, two or three courses each term as you desire.

Q:If I wish to take less than 10 courses in any given year, am I able to do so?

Yes, you are able to take less than 10 courses in any given year. However, you must maintain a full-time schedule defined as eight courses each academic year.

Q:I am a non-USA student, can I apply?

YES!  The Sponsorship Program Scholarship is available to any student who has been admitted to a Missional University degree program. For additional information concerning non-USA students, please email:

Q:I am considering a MDiv dual degree. Can I be in the Sponsorship Program?

Yes, students in any of the MDiv dual degree programs can also be in the Sponsorship Program.

Q:What degree programs are applicable?

Admitted students in any of the degree programs at Missional University are eligible.

Q:When do I renew my scholarship?

On April 15 of each year, simply sign and return a renewal agreement form. All forms should be submitted to the Sponsorship Program Director.

Q:Can I take more than 10 courses?

Yes, you can take up to 13 courses each academic year.