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How Does the Sponsorship Program Work?


Candidates may submit an application to the Sponsorship Program after they have been accepted into the university and have paid the non-refundable matriculation fee. Applications must arrive prior to the academic term and may not be made retroactive for any term. Early application is strongly recommended. The Sponsorship Program application forms can be found on the forms page.


Sponsorship Program Information:

  • Missional University provides the student with a 50% Tuition Scholarship.
  • The student receives training in biblical stewardship, micro-fundraising, social media and digital marketing.
  • The training includes seminars, discussions, and principles of fundraising and support nurture.
  • Other topics include budgeting and personal finance.
  • Students learn to identify through their network of family and friends, specific donors who will each give $50 to $75 per month to the Sponsorship Program Scholarship Fund and support them in prayer.
  • Supporters will be able to handle their donations through a student-specific fundraising site through Missional University.
  • Contributions are tax-deductible.
  • Students are encouraged to network with their faith community (church or home group) to give $1000 per year to the Sponsorship Program Scholarship Fund.


Sample Student Support Scenarios

Although fundraising is unique for each student, below are some sample scenarios (scenarios reflect graduate tuition - undergraduate is less):

  • 9 supporters at $50 / month with a $1,000 commitment from a faith community
  • 6 supporters at $75 / month with a $1,000 commitment from a faith community
  • 3 supporters at $300 / year, 7 at $50 / month and a $1,000 commitment from a faith community
  • 10 supporters at $50 / month


Please contact the Director of the Sponsorship Program for more information.


What are the Criteria for Selection?

Missional University prayerfully considers all applications that are submitted. In processing the requests, the following criteria are used in the selection process:

  • Demonstrated passion for service in the mission of God
  • Strong academic background
  • Strong sense of missional calling to a particular vocational focus
  • Proven leadership skills
  • All students who have been admitted to a degree program may apply


What are the Benefits of the Sponsorship Program?

  • Learning principles of Biblical stewardship will provide a life-long foundation for the successful mission of the student's chosen vocation.
  • Practicing support nurturing and networking instills skills that will strengthen the student's missional career.
  • A 50% tuition that is renewable annually.
  • Practical crowdfunding and e-marketing skills
  • Participating in a unique peer-learning group dedicated to ongoing stewardship development