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Your life is about more than a career. It is all about merging faith, life, and mission with your career. At Missional, you learn that God has sent you to join in the mission of God in the world. Graduates see God at work around them and know how to join Him professionally, vocationally, and in their personal life. Missional University provides affordable, online, Christian missional training for grassroots leaders in diverse cultural contexts across the globe. We prepare Christian believers to make a greater impact in their neighborhoods and communities through education that is rooted in the mission of God in this world.

Written Requirements

Please the complete the following elements in a separate document. Include your name and date of birth on each document. In each section, please use the browse button to upload your file.

Christian Journey

Everyone experiences his/her own Christian journey, no matter where you are in yours, we at Missional would like to hear about it. Please read and answer the following questions

  • Tell us when God first became more than just an idea to you.
  • Who or what have shaped your spiritual journey through the years?
  • When someone describes Jesus as Lord of their life, what does that mean?
  • When you hear the word "Missional" what images or other words come to mind?


Missional University’s mission statement says, “To prepare biblically-grounded, missional leaders who join the mission of God in diverse communities by incarnating the gospel with culturally-appropriate skills while seeking the spiritual transformation of people and communities that connects all peoples to God in worship in their own heart language.” In 500-600 words, explain how earning a degree at Missional University would help you support this mission?

Personal Information

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